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A premiere provider of in-home veterinary services for cats, dogs and small mammals. HomeFront Veterinary House Calls offers a number of benefits over a visit to the doctors office. Saving time and providing their clients with peace of mind, HomeFront will come to their patients, whether it be a home or office. For additional information or to make an appointment please contact us

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Pets

shaun provost

This is the time of year when we all set goals for ourselves for the upcoming year. Don’t forget about your pets!

5  New Year’s Resolutions for Pets

1.  Lose Weight and Eat Better

This is the resolution that is on the cover of magazines, television shows, and most of our lips this time of year. The sad truth is that the obesity epidemic among American people has now become an obesity epidemic for American pets. Today’s pets face unprecedented rates of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and other obesity-related health problems.  Ask your veterinarian what your pet’s ideal weight range is, and what food can best help you reach that goal.

2.  Improve Dental Care

As pets live longer, dental care has become an imperative component of veterinary care.  Poor dental health can lead to gingivitis and heart disease, not to mention unbearably bad breath! Regular veterinary dental exams, brushing, and maybe even a special diet can be used to combat dental problems in pets. Visit your veterinarian to get a brush, advice, and
instructions so that you can start the year off right for your pet’s dental health!

3.  Get a Yearly Check-up

Just as our doctors can detect high cholesterol and high blood pressure during our annual physicals, veterinarians can detect problems in your pet that may not be apparent, and which may be easily prevented or treated if caught early. Too many times, especially in today’s economy, pet owners wait until the pet is ill to visit the veterinarian. If the owner had caught the illness early during a yearly exam, this would have been much healthier for the animal and much less expensive for the owner.  Mark your brand new calendar to schedule your pet’s yearly check-up….you might catch an illness early and have extra money for the holidays at the end of the year!

4.  Prepare for the Unexpected

2011 caught many of us unprepared with floods, blizzards, tornados, and earthquakes.  Many pets were displaced and separated from their owners if shelters were unable to provide for them.  You can prepare your pet for these events by having a pet carrier available, having your pet microchipped, and having information readily available for pet emergency contingency plans in your area.  Always keep extra water and pet food handy. Do your homework and make sure you and your pet are ready to face whatever 2012 brings safely.

5.  An Ounce of Prevention

As the old saying goes: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.
With pets, a few dollars of prevention will save you hundreds of dollars to treat preventable illness.  Monthly heartworm prevention is much less expensive than treatment for heartworm
disease, not to mention the permanent damage done to your pet’s heart. Flea and tick prevention can save you from paying for expensive antibiotics used to treat a flea allergy dermatitis, lyme disease, or ehrlichiosis.  Have your pet tested for heartworms and start
flea and tick prevention now. Spending a few dollars in January may save you a
lot of money when December comes!

To find out how to start your pet on the right path to preventive care in 2012, call
Homefront Veterinary House Calls at (917)396-4041 or e-mail us at