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Forest Hills, New York


A premiere provider of in-home veterinary services for cats, dogs and small mammals. HomeFront Veterinary House Calls offers a number of benefits over a visit to the doctors office. Saving time and providing their clients with peace of mind, HomeFront will come to their patients, whether it be a home or office. For additional information or to make an appointment please contact us

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Many Pets Hide Symptoms of Early Illness

shaun provost


Are wellness exams really necessary? YES!!!! Cats, especially older cats, will mask and hide symptoms of an illness until they are severely debilitated.  Many people assume that a cat that never goes outside or to the boarding facility does not need to be examined, but they miss out on early detection of many manageable health problems which could shorten the life expectancy of their dear companion. Cats that show clinical symptoms (weight loss, dehydration, vomiting, increased thirst and urination) of kidney disease have usually already lost more than 75% kidney function.

Animals that show symptoms of heart failure (coughing, muscle wasting, and lethargy) probably already have irreparable physical damage to their heart muscle. Most of these problems may be detected during yearly wellness exams and allow for early treatment options.

Contact us to schedule your pet’s wellness exam. We will discuss an individualized vaccination, diet, and home-care plan based on the specific needs and environment of your pet.

Prevent Summertime Parasites

shaun provost

Prevent Summertime Parasites Homefront Vet

Summer is here! It’s time to make sure your pet is on flea, tick, and heartworm preventative.  Although these parasites can be pesky all year round, they are especially obnoxious during the warmer weather.

Not only do fleas and ticks cause allergic rashes and nasty bites, they also cause many other health problems. For example, fleas transmit tapeworms and can cause anemia if an infestation occurs. Ticks not only carry Lyme disease, but also transmit several blood-borne parasites.  Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitos and an infection may be fatal in dogs and cats.

All of these parasites are easily prevented, and we will be happy to recommend the most effective and affordable prevention for your pet.  To make things even more convenient, we collaborate with VetCentric pharmacy that will mail preventive medications right to your home!