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Forest Hills, New York


A premiere provider of in-home veterinary services for cats, dogs and small mammals. HomeFront Veterinary House Calls offers a number of benefits over a visit to the doctors office. Saving time and providing their clients with peace of mind, HomeFront will come to their patients, whether it be a home or office. For additional information or to make an appointment please contact us

In-Home Euthanasia | HomeFront Veterinary

Euthanizing a pet can be extremely difficult. At Homefront, we provide the compassionate expert care that you and your pet deserve.

Euthanizing a pet is the most difficult decision most pet owners ever have to make. Knowing what to expect can make the process much easier and less stressful.  At Homefront Veterinary House Calls, we pride ourselves on providing the compassionate expert care that you and your pet deserve. When scheduling an appointment for in-home euthanasia, it is important to include any family members that would like to say goodbye, as well as friends that may assist you as a strong emotional support system. We try to accommodate these schedules by offering evening and weekend hours, and the service can be provided at the location of your choice. Some owners choose to hold the pet in their lap during the procedure, while others opt for a favorite pet bed or a favorite spot in the yard. The most important thing is the comfort of you and your pet. Once the appointment has been made, Dr. Kristie will discuss options such as crematory services with you so that all arrangements can be made ahead of time.  If you choose to use a crematory service, Dr. Kristie will coordinate with the crematory agency to make arrangements for you, and she will prepare any necessary paperwork ahead of time for you.

In Greek, the term “euthanasia” means “good death”.  Euthanasia is a gift that a pet owner can give to a terminally ill or suffering pet to ease the transition from life to death. The euthanasia process begins with giving a sedative injection which makes the pet comfortable and free of pain. After the sedative takes full effect, the pet is not aware of any further actions of the euthanasia process. Once the sedative has taken effect (usually 3-5 minutes) and when you are ready, Dr. Kristie will place a small catheter in a vein to administer the euthanasia solution. The euthanasia solution induces a quick and painless passing. You are able to hold and pet your pet during the entire procedure. After the procedure you may spend as much time as necessary with your pet. Dr. Kristie will make sure that all after-life services with the crematory agency are in place, and if you would like, she will prepare a clay paw print of your pet for you to keep as a reminder of your devoted friend.

We understand that a pet is part of the family. We are dedicated to helping you give the gift of "good death" in a way that will be as peaceful as possible for both you and your pet. If you choose to have your pet cremated and the cremains, or ashes, returned to you the cremains will be returned within 10 to 14 days.

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